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In Ruberte we count with the best engineers and professionals of the water treatment sector; this way we commit ourselves to do correctly the required installation.

ruberte descalcificacion


What is it?
It is a process of ion exchange using strong cationic resins in sodium cycle. Its action is based on the retention of calcium and magnesium that are replaced by sodium.

What is the process like?
The ion exchange is produced by the passage of the solution to be treated through the inside of a resins floor at a certain speed and load, eliminating the hardness of the water.

Purpose of the equipment: Elimination of water hardness.

Components: Valve, body, resin, salt tank.

Chemical control and product dosing equipment

What are they?
They are electronic panels for the control and regulation of the chosen value (chlorine, ph, temperature or all three) for domestic or industrial use.

Purpose of the equipment:
Constant and automatic control of the treatment processes; and accuracy in measured values.

ruberte piscina
ruberte filtración


What is it?
It is the process in which solids are separated from a liquid by the passage of it through a filter bed. They can be of different types.

Of sand, double layer, diatoms, cyclonics, active carbon an cartridges. The choice between the different types of filtration depends on the characteristics of the liquid to be filtered, its impurities and its evolution over time; the quality of the filtration that must be obtained and permitted tolerances; the conditions of the installation; and the possibilities and means available for the cleaning. Purpose: To retain, on the surface or within the filter mass, the particles contained in a liquid.

Drinking water

Water for drinking and cooking (daily use), water for collective fountains in companies, sports clubs…, drinking water in communities such as hospitals, schools, hotels and  restaurants; desalination of sea water on certain islands and seashores; and water for emergency services in disasters.

In these cases domestic osmosis equipment, filtration equipment and dechlorination by activated carbon are interesting options.

For sea water desalination, the systems used are based on chlorine disinfection, multi-layer filtration, active carbon dechlorination, pH adjustment and industrial reverse osmosis equipment (fully automatic and producing water which quality is comparable to the best waters of public distribution).

ruberte vaso agua
ruberte tecito

Cooking water

Water for coffee, tea and infusions, for steam cooking, for ice making, for washing raw food, for soups and sauces… In these cases we usually use a decalcifier with a filter or reverse osmosis equipment.

Urban environment

Here we refer to the one that is destined to houses, urbanizations, hotels, residences, hospitals, clinics… that is, where there is human consumption and to a lesser extent, it is destined for street cleaning and irrigation. The treatment equipment shall be calculated with the consumption, maximum flow rate, source of the water and its application. For example, we will put descaler in a private house, urbanization, hotel and so on to optimize the efficiency of dishwashers, washing machines, American refrigerators, plant irrigation, steam engine cleaning, lawn irrigation, heating circuits and pipes in general.

ruberte riego
ruberte parabrisas


The water used for cleaning the windows, the batteries, the internal side of cisterns and for the cooling of the engines must also be treated.

Farming and agriculture

The agricultural treatments need descalcified water for the mixing of the chemical products used in the process of harvesting. In fish farming the best efficiency is obtained by treating the water with automatic and ultraviolet sand filters which destroy bacteria and seaweed. In bird breeding and horticulture irrigation the treatments to use differ depending on the final needs of the animals and plants.

ruberte agricultura
ruberte estudio

Industrial processes

Water is necessary for the industry. A good treatment is essential for the optimization of the process result. For this matter we will need an exhaustive study to precise the equipment needed.

Health and research

The water for the pharmaceutical industry (great consumer of ultra purified water for each of their laboratories), for babies,  for kidney dialysis, for burns and wounds, for laser refrigeration, for laboratory robots, for the sterilization of health-centres, for the lab animals used in research… each one requires an specific treatment that goes from a simple reverse osmosis equipment to various equipments combined like a sand filter with a descalcifier, a carbon active filter, micro filtration and reverse osmosis.

ruberte salud e investigación