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Swimming Pools and spas

We integrally do the design, construction, restoration and fabrication of the equipment of swimming pools, spas and welleness areas.
We have more than 40 years of experience, offering quality warranty to our costumers.

Services and products

Construction and restoration

In the construction of a swimming pool we must first consider the definitive place intended for use. Depending on the number of users, if its use is public or private, as well as the environment in which the vase will be, we will recommend the size, shape, equipment, construction technique and the kind of complementary installations that are more suitable.

The most important factor for us to follow as to give advice and decide what final project is going to be made, is always to seek the best value for money and the best comfort/aesthetics ratio.

We carry out all the construction techniques: Projected concrete,  polyester monocoques, panelar pools, high-density expanded polystyrene pools, stainless steel pools…

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Piscinas Pignatelli

Purification and pumping equipment

In order to achieve the optimum water quality is essential to establish the correct calculation, both in the pumping equipment and filtration units as well as in the hydraulic circuits. Our well experienced engineering in swimming pools makes us capable of calculate and design the equioment needed for each installation and in accordance with the specific legislation in that region.

Depending on the needs of each project we’ll decide if is needed the use of equipment of filtration based on silica sand loads, glass, diatoms… as well as provide correctly the size of the filters, stream and the pumps power. The correct size of each circuit of the pool will also be considered depending on the needs and routes.

Water treatment equipments

If filtration represents the 70% of the quality of a swimming pool water, the chemical and physical treatments repesent the other 30%, which is why they are essential to achieve the optimum water quality desired. (Cleaning is not considered because that part represent a separate chapter).
Knowing the properties of water and which systems are more appropiate is fundamental. Our technics and laboratory help us to determine which equipment and products are more appropiated in a specific case.
Not only we’ll use chemical products, we’ll also chose the best combined systems adapted to each necessity.
Our control and automatic dosage systems of CL-PH combined with the cutting-edge physicochemical systems like ozonation, saline electrolysis, CO2 equipments… allowed us to take care of this aspect with full guarantees of success.
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Spas and wellness areas equipment

Ruberte - Wellness -Tablet 001

The progress made in the last years in regards to techniques and construction materials and the great diversity in this kind of facilities, created to provide muscle toning and amusement, makes us specialists in this kind of installations allowing us to offer a wide range of equipments. Said equipments go from the simpler ones (spas of various kinds,invigorating or relaxing showers, foot baths, saunas, steam cabins, Roman baths, balneotherapy treatment units…) to the cutting-edge ones like flotariums or caldeariums.

Our experience allows us to make any kind of installation and we count with the technical support of the main manufacturers, in cutting-edge construction materials as well as in equipment production and specific accesories.

Complementary equipments and accesories

As specialist in swimming pools we offer the supply of all kinds of complementary equipment and accesories. For example:

  • Stairs and rails
  • Competition equipment and material
  • Manual cleaning equipment
  • Robots
  • Life jackets
  • Dispensers
  • Hydrotherapy jets
  • Chemical products for the treatment of swimming pools water, showers desinfection, changing room and common areas.
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