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Ruberte tratamientos de agua

Servicios integrales de ingeniería hidráulica desde 1981

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Ingeniería de aguas a medida

Nuestras operacionesDescalcificación, equipos de ósmosis inversa, filtración...

Piscinas y SPAS

Especialistas en construcción y mantenimiento de vasos

¡Infórmate sin compromiso!

Made-to-order engineering

Here in Ruberte we offer customised engineering.  We take charge of the design, the making, the installation and the maintenance of any water treatment technology.

Reverse osmosis

Through our industrial reverse osmosis process the water gets purified by passing through several membranes. It removes the impurities and lets the water treated and ready to use. Various organochlorine compounds, bacteria and minerals are moved away.

Swimming pools and spas

With more than 40 years of experience, Ruberte has made for their clients more than 500 swimming pools and spas. Tell us which is your dreamed swimming pool and we will make it happen.

Our experience backs us

Ruberte was founded in 1981 and since then we have been working and progressing in the hydraulic engineering sector.

We record proyects in various South America countries, the Caribbean and of course in Spain with special note in the Canary Islands where we have made important proyects of desalination.

Currently Ruberte keeps growing in the constant search of new markets, having an R&D&i department that search for solutions adapted to each kind of customer.

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Comprehensive engineering solutions

We are a company which offers comprehensive solutions in the water treatment world. We take care of the design, making, implementation and maintenance.

For that reason it matters that much that we are manufacturers. We don’t follow the guide of a table or catalog, we make what each client needs. Furthermore we have our own accredited laboratory.

Our compromise is clear, to be right next to our clients and give precise solutions to their problems.

Ruberte S.L. Bringing hydraulic engineering from Aragon to the world.
Don’t be afraid to ask us about a budget. Any hydraulic engineering work is within our capabilities.